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ThermoCube 是一款紧凑设计的液体制冷器,可用于普林斯顿仪器的Quad-RO, PI-MTE 等深度制冷的相机。ThermoCube具有内置的水箱,闭环的水冷循环系统,可以有效制冷相机芯片,适用于无振动,热敏感的实验环境.


Features Specifications
Cameras supported Quad-RO, PI-MTE
Coolant Water & ethylene glycol (50:50 mixture) at room temperature
Coolant connection type

ThermoCUBE side: Panel mount hose barb fitting. (Colder product #LCD16004)

Fiber (not included - order separately) 62.5/125 μm multimode for up to 275 m; for > 300 m use 50 μm/125 μm multimode
Minimum flow rate 1 liter per minute @ 15 psi
Power input 85V - 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5.4 A max.
Dimensions (W x H x L)

32.77 cm (12.90?) x 27 cm (10.63?) x 31.75 cm (12.50?)

Weight 12.73 kg (28 lbs)
Operating environment +5°C to +50°C, non-condensing
Reservoir 250 ml with built-in level sensor
Certification CE
Part number Description
8243-0001 Liquid chiller kit for Quad-RO system
8243-0002 Liquid chiller kit for PI-MTE system

ThermoCUBE drawing

PI-MTE<br>  真空内相机


最小巧,真空兼容,直接探测型X射线相机,探测能量从< 30 eV ~ 20 KeV

Quad-RO <br> 间接探测型X射线相机