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image of Quad-RO <br> 间接探测型X射线相机


普林斯顿仪器作为世界领先的超低噪声科研相机,很荣幸向您推荐我们广受好评的Quad-RO系列间接探测型X射线相机。 这款相机可以配置不同的荧光屏,采用热点制冷,大成相面积,4个读出口,其顶尖的性能和出色的灵活性使其成为 3 keV to >20keV 能量波段出色的产品.

  • 前照型CCD芯片,2084X2084 像素面阵,24µm大尺寸像素 (ITO技术)
  • 探测范围 ~ 3 KeV 至 20 KeV以上
  • 工业标准Firewire数据接口
  • 多读出口,高帧数
  • 独特的荧光屏快速更换
  • LightField software可实现全面的控制



请点击查看Quad-RO光钎耦合探测器的大图,那有许多精美的细节. 独特的机械设计使得用户可以随时快速切换不同的荧光屏——不同GdOS:Tb 荧光屏适合 8,12和17keV 能量的X射线。常见的应用包括:micro-CT,X射线衍射, CRT/扫描变向管,工业和医学成像.

Simulated fluid streamlines through the pore space in a coral. Image courtesy of Dr. Tim Senden, ANU, Canberra, Australia.
可探测范围:~3 keV 至高于20 keV:
  • 适合各类应用
wavelength coverage
  • 方便快速切换不同荧光屏来满足于不同X射线能量的需求
  • 灵活设置,优化实验
  • 最低的读出噪声
  • 最高的动态范围
  • 最好的线性度
image sensor
Four-amplifier architecture of the CCD device
  • 任何电脑课直接连接,无需额外硬件
  • 即插即用
  • 真正的16位数据传输能力,最高可达4MHz读出速度 (4读出口,每个出口1MHz)


  • 直观易上手的用户界面设计
  • 自动背景扣除,平场纠正和误差检测
  • PICAM(64)位通用程序语言,方便的程序修改与编译



Quad-RO Indirect Detection X-Ray Camera models and datasheets

Model Imaging Array Pixel Size Energy Range
(3.5 kev - > 150kev
QE at 550 nm
4320 datasheet pdf 2084x2084 24 x 24 µm Optimized using
custom scintillator


Streak Tube Readout
Streak tube readout is commonly used to obtain intensity vs. spatial or spectral information over time periods of picoseconds to nanoseconds.

Micro-Computed Tomography
Micro Computer Tomography is a unique technique for the noninvasive, nondestructive 3D characterization of materials down to a micrometer scale.


Application Notes

X-ray µCT provides nondestructive, high-resolution 3D imaging for research and industrial applications
X-ray computed microtomography uses high-resolution, widedynamic- range CCD cameras, high-resolution scintillators, either synchrotron x-ray sources or microfocus x-ray tubes, and software algorithms designed to reconstruct 3D images.

X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging
Early-stage tumors and associated vascularization can be visualized via x-ray phase-contrast imaging.

Articles Published Using PI Equipment

An all-optical Compton source for single-exposure x-ray imaging
Researchers from CNRS—Ecole Polytechnique—Université Paris-Saclay, France and Centro de Laseres Pulsados, Parque Cientfico, Salamanca, Spain incorporated a Quad-RO x-ray camera in their experimental setup to present results on a single-pulse scheme that uses a plasma mirror to reflect the drive beam of a laser plasma accelerator and to make it collide with the highly-relativistic electrons in its wake.


X-Ray Camera Brochure
Comprehensive information on direct and indirect X-ray detection technologies from Princeton Instruments. Includes related application and technical notes.


Product Manuals
Download operation manuals for Princeton Instruments cameras, spectrometers, and accessories from our ftp site.

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