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image of PIXIS-XO <br> 软X射线相机


高敏感度,热电制冷的PIXIS-XO相机有多款不同的深耗尽式和背照式CCD芯片用于直接探测 ~30 eV and ~20 KeV 能量范围的X射线。 可旋转型的ConFlat 法兰的高真空设计,可软件选择的增益和读出速度,使得这款相机非常适合各种高真空的应用。


  • 多样的芯片选择(1340 x 100 to 2048 x 2048 pixel arrays; 13 x 13 µm to 20 x 20 µm pixel sizes)
  • 可探测范围:<30 eV to ~20 keV  
  • 可旋转的CF法兰接口 
  • 灵活的双读出放大器
  • 高速USB2.0接口 
  • LightField可实现全面的控制 





伴随着众多可选的CCD格式,100%覆盖率,低噪声电子电路,-70°C 到 -90°C的热电制冷等,PIXIS-XO为用户提供了方便快捷的实验操作和OEM条件.

x-ray spectroscopy


可探测范围:<30 eV to ~20 keV
  • 适合各类应用
wavelength coverage
  • 任何电脑直接连接,无需额外硬件
  • 即插即用
  • 真正的16位数据传输能力,最高可达2MHz读出速度
  • 方便准直X射线光路,提高成像和成谱质量
rotatable conflat design
  • 灵活设置,优化实验
  • 高敏度ADC提供最低的读出噪声
  • 大容量ADC提供最高的动态范围
  • 最好的线性度


sensor diagram
  • 直观易上手的用户界面设计

  • 自动背景扣除,平场纠正和误差检测

  • PICAM(64)位通用程序语言,方便的程序修改与编译


PIXIS-XO Direct Detection X-Ray Camera model comparison and datasheets

Model Imaging Array Pixel Size Sensor Type
100B datasheet pdf 1340 x 100 20 x 20 µm back-illuminated
100BR datasheet pdf 1340 x 100 20 x 20 µm back-illuminated, deep-depletion
400B datasheet pdf 1340 x 400 20 x 20 µm back-illuminated
400BR datasheet pdf 1340 x 400 20 x 20 µm back-illuminated, deep-depletion
1024B datasheet pdf 1024 x 1024 13 x 13 µm back-illuminated
1024BR datasheet pdf 1024 x 1024 13 x 13 µm back-illuminated, deep-depletion
1300B datasheet pdf 1340 x 1300 20 x 20 µm back-illuminated
2KB datasheet pdf 2048 x 512 13.5 x 13.5 µm back-illuminated
2048B datasheet pdf 2048 x 2048 13.5 x 13.5 µm back-illuminated

Quantum Efficiency of PIXIS-XO direct detection cameras*

QE curves for PIXIS-XO cameras


*Please refer to datasheets for available CCD types in each model.

X-Ray Plasma Diagnostics
Hot and dense plasmas are of enormous interest in basic physics research because of the multitude of interesting phenomena that arise from them.

Soft X-Ray Microscopy
Soft X-ray Microscopy is used for imaging and researching the elemental composition and structure of biological samples and more.

EUV Lithography
EUV lithography is gaining popularity because it retains the look and feel of the traditional optical lithography process (i.e., utilizes the 13.5 nm wavelength) and uses the same basic design tools.

X-Ray Spectroscopy
X-ray absorption spectroscopy is an element-specific probe of the local structure of elements in a material.


Application Notes

High-Harmonic Generation (HHG) and High-Sensitivity, High-Speed Scientific Cameras for Applications in the Soft X-ray Energy Regime
X-ray experimental setups for individual labs continue to evolve and gain popularity...selecting the right application-appropriate camera will be imperative to capitalize fully on the benefits of these new setups

This note describes several examples of XPCS in which high-performance CCD systems from Princeton Instruments can be used to capture microscopic, low x-ray-flux images.


X-Ray Camera Brochure
Comprehensive information on direct and indirect X-ray detection technologies from Princeton Instruments. Includes related application and technical notes.


Product Manuals
Download operation manuals for Princeton Instruments cameras, spectrometers, and accessories from our ftp site.

Tech Notes

New QE Response Curves for Soft X-ray to VUV Energy Range
A Quantitative Comparison of Different Scientific CCD Types

LightField <br> 科学成像及光谱分析软件



PIXIS-XB <br> 直接探测型X射线相机


外置保护铍窗,探测范围 3keV至20keV .

PI-MTE<br>  真空内相机


最小巧,真空兼容,直接探测型X射线相机,探测能量从< 30 eV ~ 20 KeV

CoolCUBE II 制冷器

CoolCUBE II 制冷器


USB 光纤转换器

USB 光纤转换器