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Princeton Instruments is committed to each integrated OEM partnership from its inception. Working in concert with our partner’s R&D and engineering teams, we transition from concept to design to product seamlessly in order to ensure technical synergy and on-time delivery for launch.
Princeton Instruments OEM program


Keys to success:

Concept validation: Sharing ideas and goals to ensure achievement of the technical and commercial goals of the project to the satisfaction of both parties.

Engineering Design Review: Developing a design (based on the agreed-upon concept) that meets requirements; tandem testing of the design for compatibility and performance.


Engineering-to-Manufacturing Transition: Upon design review and sign-off, Princeton Instruments carefully transitions the design from engineering to manufacturing, maintaining the technical integrity of the product while ensuring efficiencies in volume capacity and output. Princeton Instruments utilizes the industry's best practices and controls in our manufacturing facilities, incorporating statistical process control to build quality and reliability into our manufacturing processes.

Assembly:Comprehensive documentation of assembly and test procedures allows our production facilities to provide high repeatability and versatility. Princeton Instruments’ manufacturing cells are configured to handle any product volume requirement, no matter the degree of intricacy.

Testing alignment: : Princeton Instruments confirms the details of the required test procedure and will then prepare documents and execute the controlled test to certify the product's performance. Thereafter, Princeton Instruments will collaborate to develop the tooling and fixtures needed, as well as use the proper metrology equipment, to meet specific OEM requirements.

Commercial Support: The OEM partnership does not end with product delivery. Our commercial team works with our OEM partners to develop a sound launch plan and market placement strategy, offering marketing collaboration and support. This unique approach demonstrates Princeton Instruments’ commitment to the success of our OEM partners.


Quality Management: Princeton Instruments operates a quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The registration covers the Quality Management System for the design, manufacture, sales and servicing of high performance digital imaging, spectroscopy and X-ray systems; optical coatings, optics, opto-mechanical assemblies and spectroscopic instrumentation.
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