OEM Partnerships


Princeton Instruments is committed to providing our OEM partners innovative imaging and spectroscopy detection systems that deliver superior results and exceptional value.

The name Princeton Instruments is synonymous with state-of-the-art optical detectors and spectrographs. Our OEM program effectively deconstructs these products, identifies their specific capabilities, and offers the elemental strengths to our OEM partners for integration into their own unique systems for resale. By translating desirable Princeton Instruments product attributes into an OEM-specific solution, both we and our OEM partner win. Most important, so does the end user.

Each of our OEM partners is unique. Bearing these individualities in mind, we tailor our OEM program to help every partner achieve:

  • Reliable core components
  • Faster market entry
  • Increased profitability


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A Framework That Fosters Success
Princeton Instruments, combined with Acton Research, has been supporting companies in their pursuit of excellence in spectroscopy and imaging for more than fifty years and benefits from both the financial and intellectual backing of Roper Industries (NYSE:ROP). Our OEM program draws upon decades of experience meeting client-specified needs. Whether helping develop highly specialized products in scientific imaging and spectroscopy, or contributing to advancements in x-ray, industrial imaging, and high-performance laser optics solutions, we continually strive to deliver the quality products and services our clients demand.

Our philosophy is a simple one: Princeton Instruments is committed to the success of our OEM partners. And over the years, we’ve learned that the best way to ensure this success is to nurture close and mutually beneficial working relationships.


Capabilities That Enable Custom Solutions
The Princeton Instruments OEM program exists solely to aid companies that are seeking optical solutions to incorporate into their unique products. The program facilitates the creation of value and the maximization of market share. Princeton Instruments’ OEM customers can choose to maintain their private brand name or to leverage our own established brand name in the marketplace, depending on which strategy best fits their business model.

We know that each OEM partner has unique requirements that demand creativity, technical depth, special expertise, and personalized execution. Princeton Instruments provides OEM partners access to our technical and commercial teams in order to design, manufacture, and market a successful product.

Princeton Instruments works hand-in-hand with partners from design to launch — and beyond — through positioning, marketing, and support in the field. This fully integrated business relationship represents a paradigm shift from vendor to collaborator, the optimal arrangement for achieving mutual success.


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