X-Ray Plasma Diagnostics

Hot and dense plasmas are of enormous interest in basic physics research because of the multitude of interesting phenomena that arise from them. Such plasmas are also of great technological and industrial importance in areas such as laser fusion, EUV and soft x-ray lasers, lithography, etc. Owing to their high energy concentration, these plasmas tend to involve rapid expansions, thus sharpening gradients in density and other parameters.

As hot and dense plasmas become fully ionized, the radiation starts to consist of a broad continuum of bremsstrahlung due to free-electron–ion interactions and narrow-line emissions caused by bound-bound transitions in the atoms (ions) of various charge states.

PI’s Picks

The cameras listed below are well suited for plasma diagnostics:

PIXIS-XO and PyLoN-XO CCD cameras from PI provide 16-bit digitization, excellent resolution for spectral analysis, and ultra-high-vacuum compatibility.

Another option, our uniquely designed PI-MTE, delivers reliable, deep-cooled CCD performance even when the compact camera is positioned on a movable arm in a high-vacuum environment.

Each of these high-sensitivity, wide-dynamic-range cameras utilizes a special back-illuminated CCD without antireflective coating for direct soft x-ray and EUV imaging.

x-ray diffraction 3D image


X-Ray Camera Brochure
Comprehensive information on direct and indirect X-ray detection technologies from Princeton Instruments. Includes related application and technical notes.

LightField <br> 科学成像及光谱分析软件



PIXIS-XO <br> 软X射线相机



PI-MTE<br>  真空内相机


最小巧,真空兼容,直接探测型X射线相机,探测能量从< 30 eV ~ 20 KeV


特色产品 X-Ray Plasma Diagnostics

PI-MTE<br>  真空内相机


最小巧,真空兼容,直接探测型X射线相机,探测能量从< 30 eV ~ 20 KeV