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EMCCD Instrumental in Pluto Atmospheric Research

September 4, 2015
Ground-based Study of Atmospheric Structure of Pluto Facilitated by Princeton Instruments EMCCD Camera.
Dr. Eliot Young of Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, Colorado and his team recently deployed a Princeton Instruments PhotonMax 512B EMCCD camera at “Natureworld”, a wild animal refuge in Tasmania, Australia on June 29, 2015 for ground-based atmospheric study of Pluto atmosphere.
A few images from a series of excellent images captured by the team before and in the middle of the occultation.
Pluto research Pluto research 2

PhotonMax 512B EMCCD camera on a Mead 14” telescope
telescope with EMCCD
Images are courtesy of Dr. Eliot Young, Principal Scientist, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, CO.